About the Brand

EcoChopstick™ is a brand focused on providing ecologically innovative disposable chopstick service (SBBS) and innovative disposable chopsticks, for the food service industry and other industries. In the last decades pollution has been extremely high and it keeps increasing, affecting our planet drastically in a negative way. Disposable chopsticks are products with an average lifecycle of 10 to 30 minutes. The production is associated with extremely wasteful cutting of trees and bamboos that provide us with clean air and reduce pollution.

EcoChopstick decreases the negative impact by drastically reducing the cutting of trees and reusing the product material giving it a second life as a part of a new chopstick or an alternative product. Using the recycled chopstick material to make alternative products will also positively impact the environment by reducing the consumption of fresh polymer. This will lead to reduction of the production cost, leading to a cheaper price for the end consumer, whilst providing the same quality product.

Let’s start Reducing and Reusing!

The Products

  • EcoChopstick™ Disposable
  • EcoChopstick™ Biodegradable Disposable
  • EcoChopstick™ Reusable