Exclusive Partner

Our Partnership

Evan 14 LTD is the Exclusive Distributor of Medicet Tseh LTD since May 2015. Evan is responsible for all new clients. We work closely with Medicet and have an influence on their continuous development.

Evan offers the clients prices for the services of Medicet and also provides them with insight information about the manufacturing. Working together with Evan to create the optimal product will increase market sales and growth.

Why Medicet?

Medicet is much more than a mass manufacturer of plastic and silicone products.

Medicet offers a number of benefits, the main ones are listed below: 

  • M Quality Standard
  • Ecological Influences  
  • A wide range of production technologies and other service
  • A truly impacting corporate vision which we, Evan, endorse

Our Services


Mass production of small to large items from plastic.


Mass printing on round and flat surfaces.


Finalising the product.


Mass packaging, personalized to customers desires.