About the Brand

Yumii™ is a brand focused on encouraging healthy eating by providing everyone with the opportunity to make delicious homemade yogurt easily, quickly and cheaply. Using our yogurt maker you can make fresh and natural yogurt for six hours without using any electricity. Only cold milk, yogurt starter culture or a few spoons of yogurt, and boiling water are required to make 1 kg of yogurt. Users can make their yogurt simply the way they love it by choosing the raw ingredients they desire.

The popularity of yogurt and healthy eating has grown drastically in the recent decade making Yumii desired by many consumers. Yumii has establish a close relationship with the consumers of the products by providing detailed information about the yogurt making process and over 650 recipes with yogurt.

When compared with store yogurt, homemade yogurt is fresher, more natural, with no preservatives, no artificial colouring, no artificial flavoring and no GMO. Beside all the health benefits, when comparing the cost of making the Yumii yogurt with the price of store yogurt, it is cheaper. There are many health benefits from eating yogurt, such as sources of healthy bacterias, calcium, protein, vitamins, natural fats and others.

The Products

  • Yumii Yogurt Maker
  • Yumii Yogurt Starter Cultures
  • Yumii 1 Liter Container
  • Yumii Yogurt Draining Cloth
  • Others